Mutton, your friend for the coming winter

Mutton in store at Crossbush Farm

crossbush mutton

One of the most satisfying things in a farm shop is when you bring in a product that people love. Our product of the week, this week, was Mutton.

Sold out, just a day and a half after the delivery came in, we are keenly awaiting more, in the meanwhile, we are assembling recipes and ideas of things that can be made with this lovely meat. Check back in a day or two!!

What you can expect from Mutton, is a more full-bodied taste, depth of flavour and…contrary to popular belief, a tender meat.

With autumn approaching, now is the time to dust off your trusty old slow-cooker and get some new recipes in your repertoire…we’ve got you covered with our mutton, it’s just perfect!

We’re proud to say that our meat is free-range, and local. Here at Crossbush Farm, we work hard to keep foodmiles to an absolute minimum.

All the best,

*~The team at Crossbush~*


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